6 homemade and natural exfoliating masks

At home, we have many ingredients, and without realizing it, we have a whole set of beauty products that help us take care of ourselves on a daily basis. With the ingredients of the pantry, we can make many homemade exfoliating masks so that the skin is smooth. Do you dare to create homemade masks?

Exfoliants are necessary for the skin to remove dead cells and renew itself. That is why we must exfoliate it about twice a week, always with care to avoid redness. At home, we have many products that are respectful with the skin and that help us to improve its appearance, and all of them are found in the pantry.

Sugar and banana masks

If you want to exfoliate and moisturize the skin at the same time, we offer you this simple banana mask. Cut a few pieces of ripe banana and mash them into a paste. Add a few tablespoons of sugar and mix. Apply to the face with a light massage and leave it to act for a few minutes so that the banana has its moisturizing effect on the skin. Remove with warm water and enjoy smoother skin.

Mask of coffee and coconut oil

Another of the most used ingredients as an exfoliant is coffee. And it is that the ground coffee that we have left can be used perfectly for this purpose, whether it is on the body or on the face. We find an ideal mixture with coconut oil, since it is very hydrating. This oil must be heated before it becomes liquid so that it can be easily mixed and used on the face. With the oil and coffee, we will leave the skin soft and hydrated at the same time. If your skin is oily, avoid oils, since there are better solutions.

Oatmeal and milk or yogurt mask

This mask is ideal for sensitive skin. Both oats and milk are very skin friendly, and we will avoid skin irritations when using the scrub. The porridge has a mild exfoliating effect, so it is perfect for the skin, and the contact with milk softens and can create a simple paste to apply on the face. With milk, there is more liquid, and with natural yogurt we will have a paste that is easier to use on the face.

Linseed and honey mask

Honey is an excellent ingredient for the skin, and it is a natural antiseptic. It is good for hydrating and fighting acne and impurities. Flaxseed is what will act in this case as an exfoliant, so we have to mix a few tablespoons in the honey. You can use this mixture to exfoliate gently and then remove with warm water. The skin will be highly hydrated and will also help heal any wound or mark you have on the face.

Lemon and sugar mask

For the oiliest skin, we have lemon, which has a great astringent and whitening power. With this mask, we must avoid sunbathing afterwards, since spots can appear. It is best to put it on at night to avoid these problems. Two large tablespoons sugar is mixed with the juice of half a lemon and with this we will apply on the face. It has astringent power, but afterwards, we must use tonic and moisturizer for oily skin also to balance the skin.

Buttermilk and salt mask

This mask is especially indicated for those skins that have open pores. The milk floor helps to clean the skin, and when mixed with the salt, we will achieve that exfoliating effect on it. One tablespoon of salt should be mixed for every three of serum.

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