8 home remedies for dark circles and bags under the eyes

Natural home remedies for dark circles and bags under the eyes help gently alleviate the eyes’ distress. There are many remedies in every household that we can use to do this. A tea bag, a cucumber, or a quark packet are valuable to home remedies contributing to a fresher appearance.

Cooling is also a useful aid in any case. In the case of dark circles under the eyes, you do not always have to go to a doctor or a beautician, but can also effectively combat puffy eyes and dark circles with the means you have in the household.

The problem of dark circles

In our day and age, the external appearance is given high priority. For both men and women, a well-groomed appearance is of the greatest importance in professional life and the social environment. Black circles under the eyes affect facial appearance and often indicate a lack of sleep. But the black circles under the eyes can be combated with just a few home remedies. Here you can find out how dark circles are created.

It’s every woman’s nightmare. A look in the mirror reveals deep black circles under the eyes. The causes for this can be varied. In addition to being tired after a long night or working too long at the PC, vitamin deficiencies, circulatory disorders, or iron deficiency can also lead to dark discoloration of the thin skin under the eyes. The ways to combat dark circles are as varied as the causes.

Refreshing cucumber mask against dark circles

Cut slices about 1 cm thick from a cucumber. Close your eyes, and place the cucumber slices on top. Then relax and enjoy the cool, moist cucumber mask. The cucumber’s moisture penetrates the fine skin under the eyes, relaxes the tissue, and makes it elastic. This stimulates the blood circulation around the eyes and alleviates dark circles.

Slices of cucumber against dark circles

Cucumber slices are a true classic among the care and household products against dark circles. Indeed, cucumber slices can help relieve puffy eyes or dark circles. However, for the cucumber slices method to be as effective as possible, the cucumber slices should be cold and thus offer a cooling effect. Cut a cucumber into large pieces and place them on top of your closed eyes. If the cucumbers get too warm or dry, you should change the cucumber slices. You can end the treatment after up to 20 minutes, and the eyes will look fresher after the first application.

Black tea & chamomile tea for puffy eyes

Boil water and let two teabags each with black tea or chamomile tea steep in them. Let the tea bags cool down and place one on each of the closed eyes while warm. The ingredients of the tea have a calming and relaxing effect on the delicate skin under the eyes. You can also cool the tea bags after they have been poured and then place them on the eyes when they are cold. This is pleasant; the skin contracts and a decongestion occurs.

Apples for puffy eyelids

If you often get annoyed about puffy eyelids when you look in the mirror in the morning, apple slices often work wonders. Place them under your eyes and on your eyelids so that the apple pectins can work on your skin. Since the apple slices’ coldness causes the eyelids to swell quickly, your eyes look relaxed again after a short time.

Cold milk for dark circles

You can add some milk to a small bowl, but keep in mind that the milk is ice cold to work effectively. Then you can moisten a cotton ball or a clean washcloth with the milk. You can lie down with a towel under your head and place the cool cotton pads over your closed eyes. You should make sure that you replace the cotton pads with new ones as soon as they are too dry or warm. After 20 to 25 minutes, you can wash your face off and apply a moisturizing lotion to the skin under your eyes. To effectively fight the dark circles, this application should be repeated several times during the week.

Strawberries for dark circles

In addition to cucumber slices, strawberries also have a similar effect on dark circles and puffy eyes. The strawberry slices not only reduce dark circles but are also rich in vitamins and ingredients that make the skin look fresher and younger. To ideally fight against dark circles, the methods and home remedies described should be combined. You can alternately treat your dark circles with cold milk and strawberry and cucumber slices.

Potatoes for dark circles

Another insider tip is potatoes, which you can peel and then chop up with a grater. You can fill the small pieces of potato in a thin cloth and cover your closed eyes with it.

Oculus cream against bags under the eyes

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