Exercises To Lose Belly

Often, the tummy resists all types of diets. You lose 5, 10 kilos, and it’s still there, intact. Not only is it frustrating, but, as you know, it is risky for health.

So, sometimes it requires focusing on the goal of losing the belly. The belly is one of the main indicators to be considered to preserve health.

Often, a prominent belly indicates that your weight is becoming an important risk factor for the body’s proper functioning.

If you are a man and your belly circumference is over 90 inches, or if you are a woman and your waist circumference is over 80, you are on edge, and you may have problems.

The way to avoid this is to reduce your belly’s extension, for that you can choose different exercises.

Five centimeters of belly, is the equivalent of about 5 kilos. You need to lose the accumulated fat is aerobic exercise, which is indicated to achieve this goal.

However, within that, you have several options to choose from. According to the exercise you choose.

Exercises To Lose Belly


If you have a bicycle, there is no excuse for your belly to still be there. Ride it whenever you can. A few minutes in the morning and evening will work miracles in your abdominal area.

Jump Rope

Go back to your childhood for a few minutes and have fun while losing your belly quickly and easily. Jumping is one of the fat-burning activities in which you lose more calories per minute. Cheer up, you can!


With 30 minutes of running daily, even in the same place, you can get amazing results. If you can’t run, walk more.

Both exercises are aerobic, so they are real activities that burn fat, helping you eliminate the fat deposits from your belly.

HIIT Workouts

One of the most useful and effective ways to lose belly fat, or simply the extra weight distributed throughout, is HIIT, a high-intensity workout.

The high intensity of this workout has proven to be an exceptional way to burn fat quickly and help improve the physical performance of athletes of all types.


It is necessary to train the transversus and the obliques, as well as the pelvic muscles in the case of women. This will help strengthen the area correctly and eventually achieve a thinner, more marked waist and a flatter belly. This will help keep each organ in place, as well as having much more strength in this part of the body.

Exercises To Lose 5 Types Of Belly

Stressed Inflamed Belly

It is the type of abdomen that people with irritable bowel syndrome (irritable bowel syndrome) have, gastritis or colitis.

Avoid doing cardiovascular exercises because they increase cortisol levels. Choose to do yoga, walk 40 minutes a day, and some weight training that will help you sculpt and strengthen your body.

Belly With “Tires”

This type of abdomen is formed by bad habits, such as consuming foods with a lot of sugar and leading a sedentary lifestyle.

The exercises that can help you eliminate it are sit-ups, squats, running, jumping rope, and going up and down stairs.

Pregnant Belly

This type of swelling in the abdomen has women who have had children. The first thing to do is five sets per day of Kegel exercises, consisting of tightening and loosening the pelvic muscles 20 times in each set.

Stay away from your abs. After delivery, the abdomen’s midline muscles separate, and you need to let them recover and see your doctor to do the abdominals again.

Swollen Abdomen

This type of belly is usually flat in the morning, and during the day it is distended with indigestion or gas, intolerance to certain foods, such as gluten, dairy products, alcohol, and yeast.

Believe it or not, breathing may be the best thing you can do for this type of belly. Try this every morning: lie on your back, completely relaxed, and breathe deeply with your abdomen 10 times. If you are constant, you will notice the results in a short time.

Slim But With Protruding Belly

You have a balanced diet and stay active all day, but you have a small belly.

The exercises to lose the belly that you must do are isometric abdominal crunches. Try to do them 3 times a week and increase the series you do so that the results are faster.

In addition to doing these exercises to lose belly, it is important not to neglect your diet, consume healthy food, and drink at least two liters of water daily.

Remember that constancy and good habits are your best allies for an enviable body.

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