How to exercise at home during Coronavirus lockdown

The Corona virus is forcing people to practice social distancing and work from home. Its time to think about our health during these difficult days. It’s important to stay fit and healthy in order to face this corona pandemic. Most of the gyms are closed and people are stuck inside their homes due to lockdown. Most of us can’t even take a walk due to the curfew situation.

However, you can work out in your home. First of all, you need to be smart about the technique and instruments. Exercise can help your body to increase immunity. These strengthening exercises can keep your lymphatic system healthy. Therefore it can circulate immune cells throughout your body swiftly.

If you are an active person you have already figure out how to stay fit inside your home. If not, these tips will help you to start a healthy exercise routine. You don’t need to wake up at 6 a.m. However, you need to exercise on a daily basis. It is good if you do this in the morning or evening before the main meal.

There are two types of exercises that you can follow at your home. The first one is aerobic exercises & the second one is strengthening exercises. If you focus on aerobic exercises you don’t need any equipment. However, you need some instrument if you are planning to do a strengthening workout.

Aerobic Exercises at home

Aerobic exercises can be low or high intensity according to your preference. Make sure that you don’t have any chronic diseases like high blood pressure. Secondly, you need to select a place for your workout. Empty space without furniture will be an ideal place, for example, your living room. Some of you might already practice aerobic exercises. If you are a beginner you can follow a beginner’s aerobic exercise program that is freely available on YouTube. For those you have practice aerobics, you can start your own exercise program. However, this program should include warm-up period, High-intensity exercises and cool-down period.

You can start with the simple march or simple jog with some dynamic stretches (If you skip stretching it will cause muscle pain in your body ). Then proceed with high-intensity exercises gradually. Make sure to include jumping jacks, hops, frog jumps, lunges, forward & backward skips, side skips, star jumps, mountain climbers & bur-pies. Most importantly you need to continue this workout at least 20 mints. You can workout more if you have good endurance.

Some times you might have some exercise machines like orbit track, static cycles or treadmills. You can use this machine alone or you can use these with your aerobic exercise program. For an instant, you can start with a 5 mints arm up session with your treadmills or static cycle. Then switch into a high-intensity workout & again back to your machine. Feel free to arrange your own program. You can have some water during your workout.

Another easy aerobic workout plan is skipping. You just need a skipping rope to do this activity. You can also combine skipping with aerobic exercises. Bottom line you should continue for 20 minutes. In addition to the above exercises, you can try yoga & Zumba. These can be found easily online. If you are up for a challenge use a punching bag.

Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening Exercises are recommended for bodybuilding. Usually for the people who use gyms. This might require some instruments like dumbbells & elastic bands. Some of you might have these at your home. If not you have to workout with homemade instruments.

However, there are some ab workouts without any instruments. All these exercises work one or more of your muscle groups, which improves your functional strength while also increasing your metabolism. By improving your functional strength, you’ll have a greater ability to do simple tasks, such as lifting heavy boxes or moving furniture or doing some outdoor gardening. Try doing four or more of these exercises three times a week to start.

However, it will be comfortable with a yoga mat on the floor. These are exercises you perform with your own body weight. A beginner can start with easy ab workouts like chest pulls, scissors, alternate straight leg raise, chin-ups, and planks.

First of all, do a warm-up routine for at least 5 to 10 minutes. This can include brisk walking, jogging on the spot, or movements that work your legs, arms, and other major muscle groups.

The following are some strengthening exercises you can do easily.

  • Squat to overhead raise

Start off by raising your arms overhead without any weight. Once you can do this exercise with good form, you can add light dumbbells. You can use water bottles as dumbbells or you can use bricks as weight.

  • Chair dips

Sit on your chair with your arms at your side. Your fingers should grip the front of the chair seat. Breathe in as you slowly lower your body, hinging at the elbows until each forms a 90-degree angle. Breathe out as you push up to your starting position with your arms fully extended.

  • Jump squat

Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart. Hinge at the hips to push your butt back and lower down Then press your feet down and jump as high as you can. And then immediately drop back down into a squat, and jump again.

  • Wall sits

Sit against the wall like you would in a chair with your legs at 90 degrees, and hold. Hold this position as much as possible. At least 30 seconds.

Don’t wish you can start today and stay healthy during this corona epidemic period. Good luck.

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