5 infusions that help you relax and fight anxiety

The consumption of infusions has multiple beneficial properties for our body, but it is their relaxing function that is best known and appreciated by many people and even recommended by health experts.

The properties and assets that different natural plants have, help our body and mind to achieve the necessary tranquility to relax and regain energy after exhaustion from day to day. This is because they can reduce mental agitation, loosen muscle tension and promote sleep, so it is ideal to drink when we are nervous, anxious, stressed, or simply to fall asleep in a better way.

But, what are the infusions that help us the most to relax? Well, to find out, we invite you to continue reading this article so that you know which infusion is best for you to calm your mind and body.

Infusions that help us relax

1) Valerian infusion

Valerian is one of the most recommended plants for making infusions that promote relaxation, since it has soothing and sedative assets at low levels that help reduce brain activity, relaxing the nervous system, as well as promoting the ideal rest at the time of sleep, from falling asleep to prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night. Therefore, it is recommended to consume it to reduce stress and anxiety levels, in that way, the body escapes from the exhaustion that these nervous states produce.

Of course, despite the fact that its sedative effects are low, it is recommended that this infusion be consumed in moderate quantities (maximum two sachets) and try not to do it daily.

2) Chamomile infusion

Although it is best known for being an ideal tea to calm stomach discomfort and bloating, chamomile is extremely effective at calming the body, just because it acts as a muscle relaxant and has a sedative effect can help you prepare to obtain a good rest at bedtime.

The best thing is that you can take it at any time of the day, since its calming effects have low levels that do not affect performance during the day.

3) Lavender infusion

Lavender is one of the most recommended plants to make calming infusions, since its relaxing, sedative, and antispasmodic properties are greater. So it is highly recommended for people who suffer from anxiety, constant stress, recurrent insomnia, and nervousness.

This plant is ideal for improving the intestinal tract, so you have double benefits from it. Yes, you should bear in mind that if you have a sensitive digestive system or are allergic to pollen, we suggest you not use it or do it in slight amounts.

4) Infusion of linden

Another of the most popular infusions to calm the exhausting effects of anxiety and constant worry, both for its muscle-distending effects, is thanks to the fact that it reduces headaches and calms the agitation of the nervous system. This is one of the infusions that you can take more often, even every 12 hours, so that its effects are more lasting and effective.

5) Lemon balm infusion

This plant is also called Melissa, and it is one of the most used to help promote sleep, since it has relaxing and sedative properties that help reduce brain activity and nervous agitation. So that people can induce, fall asleep, and avoid insomnia.

To further enhance its relaxing effects, it is ideal that you combine it with other plants such as mint, chamomile, or valerian. Of course, remember to consume these infusions moderately and not every day.

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