Never do this if you want to cook healthily

Have you decided to follow a balanced diet and cook more healthily? Congratulations, this is excellent news! But be careful! Never make certain mistakes when trying to cook healthier.

Use lots of ready-made sauces and seasonings

For example, they can appear to improve the taste of a salad or other healthy dish. Or else the person makes their sauces with those cubes or sachets of seasoning ready.

The problem is that these products are full of monosodium glutamate and salt. These substances contribute not only to swelling, but also to high blood pressure.

So, in place of these ready-made sauces and seasonings, it is much better to prepare homemade versions with healthy ingredients, such as herbs, spices, vegetables, and greens, alongside very little or no salt.

Make a mistake in choosing a homemade sauce

When we talk about homemade sauce, we mean a healthy homemade sauce, okay? It is necessary to clarify why not everyone is like that.

For example, white sauce or four cheeses contain a lot of fat and calories. Consequently, it favors weight gain.

To give you an idea, pasta with white or cheese sauce can have twice the calories of pasta with bolognese or tomato sauce. 

Allow the oil to reach the smoke point

Olive oil is a very healthy oil, and you can even cook with it, as long as the ingredient does not reach the smoke point. But what is the smoke point? Well, it occurs when the oil in the pan starts to steam.

The big problem with letting go of the smoke point is that olive oil or another oil of choice loses its beneficial properties.

Eat a lot of salt

When moving to a healthier diet, the person may find that the food is always tasteless. Although she does not use the sauces and seasonings from the first topic, she abuses salt to reinforce the taste.

Consuming too much salt results in too much sodium in the body, a mineral that in excess is bad for your health. Too much sodium increases pressure, dehydrates, and can cause bloating.

Also, excess sodium is related to stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer, kidney disease, and kidney stones (kidney stones), as the American Heart Association warned.

Worst of all, eating too much salt changes your taste and makes you addicted to too much salty food. To avoid this addiction, leave the salt in the kitchen and don’t even take it to the table at mealtime.

Likewise, the ideal is to follow the same advice as the first topic and season the food well with natural herbs and spices. 

Overcook the vegetables

Besides leaving the vegetable with a bad texture and not attractive, cooking it for a long time causes the food to lose vitamins and minerals.

To prevent this from happening, the best thing to do is to steam vegetables for as little time as possible.

Peel fruits and vegetables

Whenever possible, it is important to consume fruits and vegetables with peels. It is there where they contain more fiber, which helps in satiety, in addition to more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Of course, you can’t eat pineapple peel, although there are recipes with pineapple peel. However, you can eat the apple or pear in the shell. Even the pumpkin’s skin can be eaten, as long as it is baked in the oven.

By TVOC Editor

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