Safe use of alcohol gel: these are the precautions to take

Never has it been talked about or used as much alcohol gel as it does today. But is it safe from danger? Know some precautions to take with alcohol gel.

Correct hand hygiene, with water and soap or 70% alcohol gel, is one of the most recommended methods by healthcare organizations to avoid contamination of COVID-19 and reduce infections and eliminate other viruses and bacteria.

Therefore, there is, in fact, care to be taken when using alcohol gel, since it can affect the skin due to the elements that make it up, but not only; just, for example, read the label of your alcohol gel package to understand that it is also a flammable product. 

Safe use of alcohol gel, according to WHO

To protect yourself and others from COVID-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends frequent hand washing and alcohol gel is one way to do this. However, handling this product requires some care. See which: 

  • Keep alcohol gel out of the reach of children;
  • Teach children to apply the disinfectant correctly and when to do it;
  • Use the indicated amount; the size of a dime, for example, is sufficient;
  • Avoid touching the eyes, mouth, and nose immediately after using alcohol gel, as it can cause irritation;
  • Gel alcohol is a potentially flammable product, so you should not use it before handling fire or cooking;
  • You should never drink or let children drink this product, as it can be poisonous.

Dangers of Alcohol gel: Safety also has rules


You certainly have this product at home and use it frequently. Therefore, in the case of children, there is increased care.

Gel alcohol has a strong concentration of ethyl alcohol, with risks for children, who, as we know, have a tendency to put everything in their mouths, especially the younger they are. As such, you must first choose to keep this product in a safe place.

Second, children must be taught how to handle the product correctly and when to do so, without forgetting, of course, to warn of the product’s dangers. Children are true learning sponges, so you should take advantage of this feature to teach something that can even save lives.


Alcohol gel can cause skin diseases, having regard to its composition. Having seen an increase in skin problems in the general population, the doctor explains the causes and reinforces that a moisturizing cream should be applied after hand washing, as this combats skin dryness that can cause injuries.

Dermatologists warn caution in the use of alcohol gel to avoid skin problems. Rampant and uncontrolled use can “harm the skin on the hands, causing dryness, eczema and redness.” As such, the ideal is to use only when you cannot even wash your hands with soap and water. 

Flammable product

“Highly flammable liquid and vapor. Keep out of the reach of children. External use. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other sources of ignition. Do not smoke.”

We take the gel pack we have around the house, and this is what appears. This type of content is not the exception, but the rule, since it is a type of alert that appears on all alcohol gel packs.

We have another example: you have certainly noticed that Sterillium alcohol gel disinfectant is a certain presence in all hospitals, health centers, and other similar entities. In the product’s technical sheet, it is possible to see several care indications to be taken.

So you already know: whether at home, in your wallet, in your car, or in the office, keep the alcohol gel in a safe and protected place.

By TVOC Editor

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