4 types of baskets to organize fruit

Using baskets that allow us to hang the fruit is a great solution when our free space on the counter is limited. We thus achieve more space to work in the kitchen, while keeping the fruit accessible to the whole family. Worse not only are vegetable fiber baskets useful for this, but other types of baskets can also be useful.

Vegetable fiber baskets with handle

If you want to keep your fruits and vegetables separate, but you don’t want to clutter up the kitchen counter with different types of bowls, aerated baskets with handles like the ones we show you become a great alternative storage solution.

Simply place a bar on any wall or kitchen cabinet to easily and significantly increase the storage space in this room. Incorporating baskets like that of Fine little goods to organize in them onions, oranges, bananas, and apples is a great way to take advantage of them.

Industrial metal shelves

The shelves with metal baskets industrial style are another great alternative place for fruits and vegetables. Their ease of installation is one of the great advantages; a few screws are enough to safely and permanently anchor them to the wall. To do this, however, you will need a considerable space, a clear wall area.

It is relatively easy to find these types of shelves in decoration stores. They generally have a vertical design and are presented in black. This is why the partially patinated design of the Jémilie wall storage caught our attention. A perfect accessory for a kitchen with wooden bistro chairs, pendant lamps, and retro-style kitchenware.

Hanging baskets

The baskets with up to three levels have always had a place in our kitchens. Its pendant version, however, is not so popular. The truth is that it may not be comfortable in all kitchens. Why? Because the upper basket is usually at a height that the smallest ones probably cannot reach.

The solution? Go for individual hanging baskets that you can hang using a butcher hook and socket from a shelf or the upper cabinets themselves. In this way, you will keep the work area clear, and the fruit will be within everyone’s reach.

Metal baskets are relatively easy to find, and there are pretty ceramic versions in small artisan catalogs like the ones you can find on Etsy. Plus, it’s relatively easy to make your own hanging fruit basket. You will only need a basket that adapts and makes good use of that space in which you want to place it and a rope as support.

Baskets to maximize storage space

Today in specialized organization stores, we can find endless accessories that maximize our closets’ storage space. The metal baskets designed to be placed under a shelf are a clear example, since they allow us to take advantage of the height between two shelves more effectively.

It is also possible to find baskets prepared with hooks to be hung from a bar, as well as others with wall brackets designed exclusively so that you can hang and unhook them easily. All of them are a good alternative to maximize the storage space of spaces until now wasted.

Do you like these ideas to organize fruit in the kitchen? We believe that they are simple ideas that we can all implement to improve our kitchen’s functionality. Do you use or have you used any of these systems in your kitchen? Has it worked for you? Share it with us!

By TVOC Editor

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