6 Tips to follow when you work from home during Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to this prevailing corona pandemic in the world, people are forced to stat at their homes. Most countries are following work from the home strategy. Most of the work from people think this time as the holiday season and will end up frustrating and exhausted due to mixing office work and household work. However, you should know this scenario is challenging for married people with kids. But these tips will help you to work efficiently without problems.

1. Selecting the best room

First of all, you should select an ideal room for work. This is because we are used to working within our office environment with all the human and physical resources in one place. In addition, most of us used to have separate lifestyles in office and work. Therefore it is important to select the best room for work before you start your work from home routine.

Some of you might have a separate room for office work. However, you might be using that room for other purposes. Maybe it wasn’t being used in ages. Clean it and remove additional furniture and stuff. Make this room as much comfortable as can. Because this will a place you will spend hours in the future. Who knows when this corona pandemic will be finally over. If you do not have a room select the room with the least stuff. Most importantly this room should have natural light and good ventilation. Plus if it has a door with a lock it will help you to keep away your toddlers.

 2. Setting up your work station.

Secondly, you need to build your work station. Not only the room, but you also need to think about the other equipment that you need to work on. This should include your work laptop or home PC, Wi-Fi router, extension cord, phone, phone charger, comfortable chair, stationary. In another hand, fulfill all of your requirements in your office station. You should keep in mind that there are not any other helpers in this room. You have to work alone in this room. You may be the manager in your office but at home you should work alone.

 3. Plan your work schedule.

Above all, you need to arrange a perfect schedule. This schedule must include your daily plan as well as the weekly plan. Make sure to align your schedule with your coworkers and the targets of your office. For instant don’t choose night time to work when your coworkers are not available. If so you have to procrastinate the work, that will surely slow down the entire work flow of your company. Don’t be selfish, planing your work will save you from necessary trouble. In your schedule, you need to allocate some breaks. However, you can adjust these breaks according to the workload and free time. This might be tricked when you have a working spouse and kids. If you both work from home you need to have a mutual agreement between yourselves. Try to work on shifts. Usually, you can share the workroom with different work stations.

If your spouse is not working from home you can help her out during your breaks. However, never ask him or her to help your work because they have their own household duties. But if they willing to help you can give some simple tasks. In return, you must do favors for them during cooking or babysitting.

4. Good communication is a must.

You need to arrange better communication methods with your staff members. In addition to an uninterrupted internet connection, you should always keep your mobile recharged. If not you might get disconnected during an important call. Avoid any loud noise that will interrupt your calls. If you plan to have video calls use a corner in your room to avoid uncomfortable situations that might cause by your family members. For example, your wife might come invited in her nightdress during a video call or your kid will tell silly things in front of the camera.

5. Preparing meals early.

This is important to single people and the couples who work from home. You can prepare meals in the morning. Assume that you are going to work in the morning. So you can prepare your breakfast and lunch together. Instead of packing the meals, you can leave it in the kitchen until you are hungry. You can serve the food hot during your breaks. Additionally, you can prepare some snacks and drinks, so you can have them during short breaks. If you do not plan your meals it will be a mess during your work hours.

6. Spend time with your family.

Although you work hard in your home, take some time for your family members. This time period is a very good time to increase your family bonding to reconnect with your family. You can do this during breaks and nonworking hours. It will help you to change moods and to develop positive emotions. However, don’t put your office stress on your family members. Your family members are delighted with your presence. Keep it that way so you can spend this time happily.

Finally, you are lucky to work from home rather than working as an essential person. So be at your home and help your country to overcome this corona pandemic soon.

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