9 Mind blowing facts that we never knew

  1. The Famous Mona Lisa Painting

Did you know that Leonardo Davinci was not the only one who was painting Lisa Del Giocondo, yes that’s the real name of Mona Lisa. Leonardo Davinci also had two of his students painting Mona Lisa. The first painting was named Prado Mona Lisa, the name of the student who painted this is unknown hence the Museum in Spain currently the painting is kept named it Prado Mona Lisa. Both Leonardo Davinci’s and Prado’s pictures have been painted at the same time in different angles. Also, Mona Lisa had many different paintings as well which are not famous, however it is also a sad fact that she never received any of her paintings.
Mona Lisa - Wikipedia

(Prado) Mona Lisa Mona Lisa

  1. The Venus Flytrap

The Venus Flytrap that we have seen in movies were always in the rain forests or in tropical jungles, but the Venus Flytrap is grown in North and South Carolina in the United States. Its native region is Wilmington North Carolina and it never grows well in the rain forests. So, the Venus Fly Trap is typically American even though it doesn’t have a name like ‘The Freedom Fly Trap’ or something like that.
Venus flytrap can count prey's steps to dissolve them alive | New ...

  1. Tobacco and China

There are over 350 million people who smokes cigarettes in China, that’s is about 40% of all the cigarettes on in the world. There are Tobacco companies in China that sponsor Schools and its facilities. One of them Is Sichuan Tobacco Project Hope Primary School, It is pretty strange, you can even see signs on the wall of the school saying “Tobacco can help you become and achiever”.China's Government is Hooked on Cigarettes - NOLASIA

  1. Pruney Fingers and Toes

Most of us have experienced Pruney (Shrinking) edges of fingers and toes when get soaked in the water for a long time. Do you think this is normal? Yes, it is. This condition occurs only when our nerves system works fine. So, if some of you have never got pruney fingers or toes, there is a possibility of a nerve damage in your system as this is one of the ways the doctors identify a damaged nerve system. 

Why do Fingers Wrinkle in Moisture?
What Do Your Hands Color Say About Your Health and Destiny ...
  1. Skeleton of Iron

Usually any the Skeleton system  we know of any species including human, use Calcium as the construction material but there is one particular specie that uses Iron Sulfate as its Skeleton constructing material instead of Calcium and that is ‘The Scaly Foot Gastropod’ even the shell of these particular snail species are made of Iron Sulfate making them harder than rock.
Scaly-foot gastropod | 12 of the most interesting snails in the ...

  1. Warnings prior to Hiroshima & Nagasaki Bombings

It is said that the United States dropped millions of leaflets by air in the cities of Japan warning the citizens to evacuate prior to the nuclear bombings, even though the citizens and the government did not take this seriously some areas were evacuated after the first bomb but nowhere near the necessity. The leaflets said that the target is not the citizens but the Military.
Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Wikipedia

  1. The oldest building on earth?

If this questioned is asked our mind will definitely think of Pyramids of Egypt, leaning tower of pizza, Taj Mahal of India or some place relevant to the seven wonders but apparently the oldest building on earth is in Britney, France. The Building is called ‘Barnenez’. Yes, this is extremely old, older than the pyramids, Taj Mahal or any other building we ever heard of in our life. Built in 4850 B.C. makes its almost 6800 years old. It has been kept in great condition and has been restored by the French.

Barnenez Cairn in France - Oldest Building in the World, Must See ...

Barnenez | The oldest buildings on Earth - Travel

  1. Judean Date Tree

Roughly 2000 years ago Romans concurred Israel, during the process they destroyed the Judean Date tree crops leaving it for extinction. The Judean Date tree is so old it is even mentioned in the Bible and Quran. In the 1960s a group of archeologists found a jar of 2000 seeds of Judean Date tree while examining an ancient palace. They were kept in a local university for over 40 years and later in 2005 they decided to plant them, as a surprise one actually bloomed. The Judean Date Tree came back to life from extinction. Its been well taken care of by the scientists and they are researching what medical benefits the tree can offer.

Tree Grown From 2,000-Year-Old Seed Has Reproduced | Smart News ...
Judean date palm ( Phoenix dactylifera ), Borick Natural Medicine ...
The mission to resurrect ancient date palm plants in Israel - ABC News

This is how the tree looks like now

  1. Rap Battles are ancient

As the rap battles are so popular among us nowadays and most of us saw the birth of it probably in the nineties? Wrong! The rap battles have taken place in even in the history by the Vikings. There have been social gathering and the rap battles have taken place between two Vikings letting down each other with each one’s weaknesses. Not only the Vikings even the Japanese, Scottish and the Arabians too have had their own versions of rap battles centuries ago. It’s interesting how ancient activities hit the modern day.A Rap Battle But No Eminem: How Detroit Celebrated the 15th ...
Thing (assembly) - Wikipedia

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