Are you happy, or do you lie to yourself

Life is too short to spend in an eternal war with yourself. Unfortunately, many of the people who claim to have a perfect life lie to themselves. Happiness will always be a very relative term. This does not come from some material good or the best grades or the best job. So are you as happy as you say you are or are you just lying to yourself?

Some clues to know if you really are as happy as you say

Happy or just pretend to be, I think the first thing you should know is that you can’t be happy all the time. It is something impossible, although the most important thing to be really happy is the way you perceive things. The key to happiness is something individual. Only you can decide what makes you happy. However, some guidelines will help you recognize if you really are. Answer the quiz, and according to your result, I will tell you how you can improve. Now you can know a little more about yourself.

You are an optimistic and happy woman

Congratulations, you are a girl who enjoys every aspect of her life. Perhaps you falter at times, but you definitely know that the path in search of happiness is built day by day. Sure, some days you feel shaky, but don’t worry, you’ve formed very good habits because of your good decisions. Go ahead with the positive energy that you reflect to everyone.

You are very conformist, you should change some things

Being in a comforting status is incredible. Unfortunately, nothing new is born from your comfort zone. That change that you have been looking for so much in your life in recent years does not happen because it terrifies you. Let me tell you that in this world, many people with excellent potential grow old without doing anything about it. The problem is not that you are not talented, but that you do not risk taking the doors when it is time to do so. Dare to get a little more out of your routine. You are definitely not as happy as you say you are, but this can improve if you decide to change.

You definitely have to find a way to turn your life around.

Unfortunately, nowadays, obligations, traffic, and problems often cloud the perception of reality. Happiness is not only achieved on the weekend, nor in free time. You have forgotten how to love yourself and how wonderful life is. Begin to notice how the smallest things will be the change you need to start improving your life. Find new things that make you happy, stop worrying about everything. Your happiness counts. This is your life. Stop counting the hours to go back to sleep. It is wonderful to be awake.

And you, are you as happy as you say, or do you just need a little improvement? Tell me what makes you happy.

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