Basic care for the newborn

There are numerous cares for a newborn that you should take into account; especially if you are a newcomer. Here are the main ones for when you have your baby at home:


You must feed the baby with breast milk, you must change your breast every 15 or 20 minutes; remember to clean them before and after breastfeeding to avoid cracks or infections. If you use formula, a 45 ° bottle tilt is recommended.


A newborn usually evacuates every time he/she eats without having any problems, and on the contrary, if the baby stops having a bowel movement for one day, it is not necessarily a sign of something bad.

Mollera or Fontanelle

It is a natural hole in the baby’s head that is formed by the lack of union between the bones of the skull. The soft spot indicates, according to the closure, that the baby is maturing. It can serve as a safety valve for doctors, since in a dehydrated baby, it may be sunken, or in a baby with increased intracranial pressure, it may be bulging.


It is important to maintain an adequate temperature for the newborn, avoid excessive heat or cold, and take care of the amount of clothing it covers. There is a common tendency to “line” babies with many blankets, which in hot weather can lead to rapid dehydration from sweat.

Jaundice or yellowing

This occurs in some babies days after birth. If you notice this coloration, you should go to the pediatrician for a review.


It is important to consider that babies can only communicate by crying without this meaning that they are sick. With crying manifest if they are cold, heat cramps, etc., and little by little, you will learn to identify the reasons.


Colic presented by poor feeding technique or inadequate nipples generating air in the intestine. It is not recommended to overuse colic medications but avoid them as much as possible.


It should be with water with body temperature, and drafts should be avoided where you will bathe the baby. It is recommended to use neutral soap or hypoallergenic shampoo.

Nail Cutting

They should be cut every week, as they grow very fast and are too sharp to scratch. It is recommended to use a special nail clipper for babies.


Generally, newborns present many secretions in the nose and mouth, simply suck with a fine-tipped bulb that enters the nostrils, introduce 0.5 cm before eating and at night, or lubricate the nostrils and aspirate regularly.


Parents and pediatricians should check the baby’s genitals. In the case of a boy, if the foreskin is very closed, it is recommended to wait until a year to evaluate the circumcision. You should check that the baby has both testicles in the scrotum and go to the pediatric surgeon if in doubt.

In the case of a girl, it is necessary to check if her lips are separated, since sometimes they are born with the labia majora joined, and the pediatric surgeon must separate them.

Over time you will get to know your baby, and just by looking at the baby, you will know what to do. For now, remember that whenever you have doubts, you should consult your pediatrician.

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