Car Rental Tips: know what to do to rent a car

Are you going to travel and don’t have a car to call your own and want to walk around in a good way and even save money? We gathered some car rental tips that will help you.

First of all, know how to save

A very valuable tip is to check how the car rental is charged, which can be either by mileage, or by hours or days. This is how you can estimate how your journey will be and compare price options at different rental companies to find out which one fits in your pocket. 

Keep an eye on security 

Child seats and GPS are optional and charged services. In addition to checking the availability of items, you will also need to add these extra expenses to your account. If you have children, be sure to ask for the appropriate child seat for each age.

What about car rental accidents?

The rental company must inform how many hours make up the daily rate, if there may be extra fees if you delay the return, if the car has insurance, and what to do in case of theft or robbery. But it is also important that you know what to do if you have an accident while you have your rental car.

You can then ask how the car rental costs for any repairs in the garage works, who is responsible for the insurance deductible, if the daily rental is charged even while the vehicle is being repaired, and who will have to pay for a tow truck if necessary. All of this information must also be in the contract, so stay tuned!

If there is more than one driver, you need to register at the time of rental. This is important because if an accident occurs with an unregistered or unqualified person, the insurance may deny coverage.

Among the car rental tips, there is another very important one: when you receive the rental car, remember to write down the exact day and time and make an inspection with the rental company.

It is worth following the survey closely, keeping a copy of the document, and even taking photos of the vehicle if possible. Experts also recommend checking if the car has all safety items such as a wheel wrench, spare tire, and jack.

What if I get a ticket?

You are responsible for traffic tickets for the duration of your rental car. So always respect traffic signs, speed limits, and parking places! You may be charged for an infraction even after returning the vehicle.

How does the return work?

It is usually permitted to return the car to a location other than the pick-up location. But it is necessary to check if there is an additional charge for this or if it will be necessary to make the return in advance. But if you return the car dirty or with an empty tank, you will have to pay a fee. Usually, it ends up being more expensive than filling and washing the car on your own.

Ready! With these car rental tips, you can already travel in a good way! 

By TVOC Editor

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