Car with broken glass: know what to do

Glasses are also safety items in the car and need some special care. But if an object falls or rolls over a collision that breaks the glass, do you know what to do? Read the article till the end to find out more about how the repair and replacement work for a car with broken glass. 

In fact, two different types of glass are applied to cars. In the windshield, a laminated glass composed of two layers (or blades) of glass joined by a silicone material in the middle, called PVB, is used. That’s why, when the laminated glass breaks, it cracks but keeps the splinters. 

The side and rear windows are of the tempered type, which, when broken, break into several pieces. And that difference is just a matter of security, see? The windshield needs to be tougher to ensure the driver’s visibility and even to prevent any object from entering the car through the glass. But, if an accident happens in which it is not possible to open the doors, for example, the windows tend to be broken so that the occupants can get out of the vehicle.

How to fix my car with broken glass?

It is possible to repair the windshield in cases where the crack is less than a real coin. At Autoglass stores, the service takes an average of 30 minutes to complete. But if the damage is greater, the only solution is to change the glass completely. The windshield takes about 4 hours to be changed and the side windows, around 1 hour each.

But it is not only when the car with broken glass needs care. To carry out maintenance on a daily basis, it is recommended to use a specific glass cleaner for cars and avoid products with a lot of chemicals. Experts also recommend applying a crystallization liquid, which creates a film on the glass and helps to repel light rain, for example. 

Another tip is to remember to lubricate the side window channels, which includes cleaning and applying silicone. Over time, the space between the glass and the door accumulates dirt, and it becomes more difficult to raise the glass. 

Did the windshield crack? Watch out for fines!

Stay tuned: the car with broken glass can yield a fine. Driving around with fractures or cracks in the windshield that hinder your vision is considered a serious infraction, and it may also leave you liable to receive an expensive ticket or even the seizure of the vehicle, as per country laws. Depending on the crack’s intensity and position, you certainly may be able to drive your vehicle while having a clear vision of the road. But it’s not advisable. Having a cracked windshield is a severe safety risk. Over time even minor cracks will get worse. And, cracks in a car’s windshields can endanger a vehicle’s architectural balance. 

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