Decoration ideas with mistletoe and cones

Natural Christmas decorations are just great: we will show you great decoration ideas with mistletoe and cones, which are suitable for indoors and outdoors. From Christmas window decorations to table decorations – we make our home nice and cozy with cones and mistletoe.

Decorate lanterns for Christmas with cones and mistletoe

A great decoration idea with mistletoe and cones is our lantern, which gives off soft light. Birchbark, mistletoe, and various pine cones are tied around a heat-resistant glass: First, put a binding wire from the roll around the glass. Twist the beginning and the continuing wire. The individual materials are then tied up in several rounds. Start with the bark. Then attach cones and mistletoe alternately. Important: always keep the wire under slight tension. Decorate with a color-coordinated cord to match the candle.

To decorate the lantern with mistletoe, cut the mistletoe branches so that they just protrude above the glass. Place a rubber band around the vessel, push twigs under it and straighten it. Fix the whole thing with thin wire and remove the rubber band again. Fasten the spruce cones in the same way with the point down. Finally, place the candle in the lantern.

Sprigs of mistletoe, holly, pine, and sickle fir surround this lantern. Arrange the shortened stems all around in a wooden bowl or coaster, then place the glass in the middle.

Christmas decorations for the window outside

Mistletoes and cones are a great way to decorate the windows for Christmas. For the wreath, form a ring out of sturdy wire, then wrap pine cones of a similar size with fine floral wire. Pass the wire between the scales. Decorate the windowsill with mistletoe and red candles.

A rosehip branch serves as the basic framework for the winter mobile. Wrap the pine cones on the ground with wire and knot the ribbons on them. Hang up offset. A trio of “potted” pine cones adorns the windowsill.

In the basket, combine a Christmas rose and a barbed wire plant with mistletoe. Cones and silver-sprayed wooden stars can be found both in the arrangement and on the mistletoe-overgrown branch above.

Christmas table decorations with natural materials

This table decoration is fixed and guaranteed not to needles: first line up the candles, then arrange mistletoe, cones, and nostalgic tree pendants. Measure the garland so that there is space for plates and cutlery on all sides. A great decoration with mistletoe and cones that lasts a long time.

A name tag for every guest: cut out stars from brown cardboard, punch holes and write on them. Pull a cord through and tie it around a long peg (e.g., from the Weymouth pine). Placed on white plates, the labels stand out from the wooden table.

Creamy white poinsettia flowers, mistletoe, pine cones, and a little pine green create an enchanting Advent bouquet. We provided the tenons with long wire handles beforehand.

A wire basket filled with spruce and pine cones becomes a candlestick. All around, it was decorated with lichen and coniferous green.

Natural Christmas decorations on your doorstep

A unique decoration with mistletoe and cones for outside: At the house entrance, a decorated branch ensures a warm welcome. For the door curtain, cut six red cords to a length of 1.5 to 2 meters each and attach tenons and decorative stars to the ends. Place all strands around a branch overgrown with mistletoe and knot. Choose branches that have just grown (e.g., hazelnuts) as trunks. On the left, attach the branches upside down and wire a large pine cone to the top, five to six smaller ones below. On the right, the branches point upwards and are decorated with Douglas fir cones. A red cord sets a color accent here too.

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