Habits that make us unhappy

Throughout our lives, we are realizing that being happy is a matter of attitude and trying to do so every day. It is evident that there are things that we cannot control, but beyond that, we ourselves can choose to be happy and move forward with a smile, enjoying what life has given us.

There are some habits in which we do almost without realizing it, and that can make us extremely unhappy. It is a problem to continue with them and not to identify them since they can harm us psychologically and be a great burden in the long run. So we must learn to recognize them.

Complaining without trying to change things

One of the worst things we can do is complain constantly but without trying to change things. It makes us very unhappy to be talking about a situation that we don’t like and that we complain about but that we accept because we really don’t plan to face it and change it. The changes are very scary, and not everyone is prepared to face them, but not changing the things that make us unhappy or at least not trying to try can be even worse. Keeping ourselves in a situation that takes happiness away from us is something really harmful that turns off our spirit and will. Therefore we must arm ourselves with courage and face that any change is better than doing nothing.

Do things we don’t like

It is true that we all have to carry out tasks that we may like more or less. But it is important that we do not spend the day doing something that we really do not like. You have to work to survive, but we can always improve and find a job that we like, something that we are passionate about and in which we invest our time. It is common for unhappy people to spend the day doing things they don’t like, to end the day without wanting the next one to come. 

Live in the past or the future

Holding on to the past or constantly thinking about an uncertain future that is not yet real can be two things that make us unhappy. Above all, because of the fact that they keep us away from the present, the one we are living in, and it offers us all the opportunities. So take note of that and open your eyes to your present.

Be pessimistic about life

The pessimist will always see the glass as half empty. Being pessimistic is a matter of attitude. In a situation, we have seen people who face it in a positive way and others in a negative way. Whatever the outcome, the positives are more likely to get what they want because they believe in it, and they also face defeat as teaching. That is why we must learn to be much more positive.

Seek the approval of others

Another thing to avoid in this life is always to seek the approval and permission of others. It is an attitude that will only bring us disappointments since they are not going to live our lives or assume the consequences of our decisions. This attitude distances us from who we really are and fills us with uncertainty and regret for not really accepting who we are.

See yourself as victims of events

The unhappy people always think that everything that happens is something they can not control. It is always the fault of others or the universe. With this idea, we will think that we have no power over our happiness or our destiny, which will make us more unhappy. We should not feel like victims, or we will become this type of person.

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