How to argue with your partner without losing your cool

Couples argue from time to time, and it is impossible always to agree. This does not mean that the fight is getting worse, and the discussion ends with screaming and reproaches of all kinds. If this happens in a regular way, the relationship may not be as healthy as it should be.

You can argue about different topics without having to lose control and keeping calm at all times.

How to get to argue with your partner without losing control

  • The first thing to do is get to the bottom of the problem and find why it has led to such confrontation in the couple. You have to stay calm at all times and avoid yelling, since the essential thing is to find the trigger for this discussion.
  • It is not about knowing who is better of the two, and there is no use in a power struggle. Dialogue and speaking calmly are key when it comes to ensuring that things do not get older. You have to know how to listen and try to reach a mutual agreement.
  • Pride is not a good thing in an argument, and it is commendable to admit that one has been wrong. It’s okay to apologize if the other party is right. On many occasions, pride outweighs guilt, and the fight can increase until it causes serious problems in the couple.
  • It is useless to maintain a violent attitude since this will only make things worse. In an argument, you should not insult or denigrate the other person since the important thing is to find a solution in a peaceful way.
  • You have to know how to be flexible and not always want to be right. You can defend a point of view without any problem but without overwhelming and attacking the other person. Negotiating and dialogue are key so that it can be discussed while remaining calm.
  • The couple does not have to go to the extreme of starting a fight to show what you feel bad about. There is no use fighting on a regular basis since the arguments gradually wear down the couple. If you live with another person, it is to work as a couple and make decisions together and in a consensual way.
  • You may feel that the fight is getting worse and that everything can get out of control. Before that happens, it is important that you shut up and breathe deeply. It’s better to go away and calm down than to do something you can regret forever.

Unfortunately, many people lose control and roles when it comes to arguing with their partner. It is something much more normal than it may seem at first. However, it is essential to be able to find solutions to such problems and not go to the extreme of fighting every two by three with the partner.

By TVOC Editor

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