How to feel good about yourself

It seems that everyone has the right formula for how to feel good. We see it continuously on the networks through the lives of the influencers. Sometimes, we are so aware of others, satisfying their needs, or knowing how they perceive us, that we forget who we are and what we want.

Consequences of not feeling well

If you cannot feel comfortable in your mind and your body, you will have more difficulty facing daily challenges. Some of the consequences arising not you feel good about yourself are:

– Loss of confidence in yourself and less initiative to achieve your goals.

– Enhance your mistakes and defects and minimize your achievements and qualities.

– Belittle yourself and compare yourself more with others (lowering your self-esteem).

– You may be more afraid of relationships, potential or present, with others.

– More likely to develop emotional problems.

– Greater fear of external criticism and disapproval.

– Fear of not being worthy of the love of others, being able to cause problems for couples.

How others value people who love themselves

When we stand up for what we think and believe we are capable of carrying out our goals, others will perceive us as attractive and confident people. It does not have to do with arrogance, but with transmitting that you respect yourself and bet on yourself, therefore, they can trust you.

How to feel good about yourself

We provide you with some guidelines to get started with this challenge:

– Observe the negative thoughts or judgments towards yourself that are trapped in your mind and distance yourself from them.

– Be aware of your qualities and defects and propose to accept them. This will help boost your self-esteem.

– Set realistic goals to achieve some of your goals.

– Value yourself according to the effort invested, not only based on the result achieved.

– Be aware of your emotions throughout the day and learn to regulate them.

– Learn to express your needs and rights.

– Clarify your values and spend a little time a day assessing whether you are heading in the right direction.

Getting to carry out some of these proposals is not achieved from one day to the next, and it is often difficult to make these changes alone.

On many occasions, we get stuck in “ how much does a psychologist cost! ”But we do not value the great benefits that psychological help can bring to your personal well-being.

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