The importance of forgiving in the couple

Forgiving is not easy at all, especially for those people in whom pride or resentment prevails. The phrase “I forgive but I do not forget” occurs quite frequently in many of today’s couples.

Forgiveness is a virtue, and sometimes you have to put aside all resentment in order to keep moving forward and ensure the well-being of the couple.

You have to know how to forgive

When it comes to achieving full happiness with your partner, knowing how to forgive in certain situations is important. Forgiveness must occur in front of the other part of the couple and in oneself. On many occasions, the person cannot recognize that he has made a mistake and cannot forgive himself. The happiness and well-being of a couple will be achieved by knowing how to forgive your partner and yourself. Human beings are not perfect, and it is difficult to have all things under control, so it is very normal to err and know how to forgive.

Forgive in the couple

Knowing how to forgive and quickly turn the page of certain problems is key for the relationship to go smoothly and the communication between the two to flow perfectly.

It is unnecessary to forgive instantly since it is necessary to assimilate the pain caused by a certain event on many occasions. Forgiveness must be given from the utmost sincerity and because one feels it from within. Forgiveness is worth nothing that is not meaningful since various conflicts may harm the couple in the future.

Both parties in the relationship must give the act of forgiving. Both the person who has been deceived or attacked and the transgressor must reflect and assume the facts. Forgiveness will also imply establishing a series of rules and obligations that must be met. Apologies and promises are useless if they are not fulfilled later.

Forgiveness can also consist of simply turning the page. This can happen if the relationship is broken and has come to an end or because the fact caused by one of the parties is no longer given importance.

However, in most cases, the aggrieved person must put himself in the other person’s place and know that perfection does not exist and that it is normal for him to make a mistake. Empathy is key when it comes to knowing how to forgive and so that everything ends up being solved. Otherwise, the problem ends up becoming entrenched, and the couple is harmed by it.

What happens if forgiveness does not occur

It may also happen that the longed-for forgiveness does not come because the aggrieved person is tired of forgiving or because the act committed is so serious that the hurt person does not want to forgive. Faced with this, there is no other option but to move on and wait for time to indicate the relationship’s state. Remember that we are all human, and mistakes and errors are in the light of day. Forgiveness is a means or tool that can help solve a couple’s things and problems that occur daily.

By TVOC Editor

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