What to do if children fight at all hours

One of the worst things for parents is seeing their children continually fighting. It is normal for parents to worry about the bad relationship between siblings and that things get worse and worse. Siblings fighting is normal, and it shouldn’t go beyond a simple argument or fight.

The problem arises when fights happen on a regular basis, and the siblings are unable to reconcile and make up.

Causes of sibling fights

When ending a fight, parents should know in advance the reason or cause that may have generated the dispute. There can be several causes:

  • Most arguments and fights between siblings are caused by wanting something the other child has or to protect the toy.
  • Another of the most common causes of fights between siblings is to attract the attention of the parents themselves. Children want to be the center of attention at all times of the elderly, and fighting can be one way to achieve this.

Given this, it is the parents’ job to establish a series of limits and norms that allow their children not to have a series of undesirable behaviors.

What should parents do if their children fight?

  • If you are seeing how your children are fighting, you should remain calm and try to end the discussion. There is no use yelling and getting nervous, since this way you will only make things worse.
  • In the event that the fight goes over and they come to blows, it is good that you separate them and send them to separate rooms. Once they have calmed down, it is good to put them face to face so that you can solve the problem.
  • The father should listen to both versions in a calm way and show affection to both children, so that they feel understood and loved.
  • Parents are role models for their children, so it is very important to encourage good manners and good manners at home. Children copy everything they see at home, hence it is good to behave as well as possible at home.
  • It is good to sit down together to try to solve the problem. After hearing both versions, the father or mother is in charge of ending the fight. Children should understand that there is no need to fight when resolving a dispute. Problems are solved and spoken in a calm and peaceful way.

In short, brothers fight from time to time, is not something to worry about. If, on the contrary, the fights are habitual and none of them comes to reason, it is advisable to go to a professional who knows how to put an end to such a problem. What should be clear is that parents should approach such a problem as calmly as possible and without losing their roles. It is also important that parents do not take sides for any of the children and are as equitable as possible and thus avoid a possible distancing on the part of any of the children.

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