Why a child should never be beaten

There has always been great controversy regarding the corporal punishment of children. Formerly it was not frowned upon to give a little cate to children. Luckily today’s society is increasingly aware that you should not raise your hand to the little ones. Hitting a child can cause serious problems, both physically and mentally.

Never go to the extreme of raising your hand to a child and seeking other avenues that are not based on physical punishment. In the following article, we give you a series of reasons why you should never hit a child.

Loss of control

Parents should be the figures in which children should be reflected, and therefore, control of the situation should not be lost. The moment a child is beaten, the father or mother loses such control, and the figure as such collapses like a house of cards. It is true that there are times when it is quite difficult to maintain this control, but parents must make an effort and avoid going to the extreme of hitting a child.

You have to know how to set an example

Education is based on being able to transmit good values ​​to children. The conflicts that arise must be resolved through communication and never using the use of violence. It is preferable to relax and calm down and sit next to the child in order to solve the problem at hand. The minor cannot see that physical punishment is the only way to resolve a conflict.

Violence should not be justified

Violence calls for violence, and if a child sees it normal for his father to hit him, he will use it against other children. You should not be educated in violence since it has been shown that in the long term, the child will see violence and hitting as something normal and that they can do without any problem.

Educating is not hitting

Unfortunately, today many parents think that spanking a child is not bad and is part of education. However, such parents are wrong since educating is not hitting. In these cases, the ideal is to talk or dialogue with the child and calmly solve the problem.

Physical punishment takes its toll on the child

In most cases, the child who suffers physical punishment from the parents has problems in the future. The blows and the cates leave their mark on the child and can affect the personality and behavior in a few years.

Despite what a part of society may think, a child should never be hit. It does not matter if it is a cate in the ass or a simple slap. This is totally reprehensible behavior that should always be avoided. Parents should have other types of tools that help solve different problems peacefully and effectively. Remember that children are defenseless beings who must be protected and molded through good values ​​and actions.

By TVOC Editor

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