Wrapping gifts for Christmas, of course

Using mistletoe, cinnamon sticks, and other natural materials, we create unique gift packaging for Christmas. Because it’s not just the content that counts: creatively & personally wrapped gifts bring great joy to friends and families! Here you will discover 7 sustainable & natural ideas for wrapping gifts for Christmas.

Decorate Christmas present with cinnamon sticks

Pure nature: Wrap the present in wrapping paper, wrap it with ribbon, and attach the fir branches and cinnamon sticks in the final knot.

Make gift tags from birch bark

Quite natural: gift tags made of birch bark (craft shop) are the eye-catchers here. A star (left package) is created when three elongated pieces are placed on top of each other, and the connection points are wrapped with silver wire. Further pieces of bark are used to make pretty pendants: cut out trees or hearts, thread pearl thread into an embroidery needle, knot the end and place preliminary stitches in the middle of the figure (looks like a dashed line). Thanks to the knot, the yarn does not slip through. Several such tags adorn the round package, which is wrapped in white tissue paper.

Wrap gifts with wrapping paper and twigs

With this simple and beautiful idea, attentions become more personal, because we design wrapping paper ourselves and decorate the gifts with branches. To do this, spread out a strip of wrapping paper. The left package was decorated with ivy leaves. Brush this with white paint and press it onto the paper. Nice effects are also created when you spray the paint with a brush (middle). On the present on the right, the pattern was dabbed on with a wide bristle brush. Also, an edge was turned over at an angle when packing, so that an unprinted strip decorates the package. This creates a small pocket in which, for example, a pine branch can be stuck. 

Jute bags as Christmas gift packaging

A sustainable idea for wrapping gifts for Christmas: Jute bags are practical when the gift for Christmas consists of several small parts. Decorated with name tags, twigs, and cones, they are beautiful eye-catchers. 

Make gift bags Christmassy & natural

Nicely wrapped Christmas presents are a nice decoration until they are presented. To make the gift bag Christmassy, ​​first knot a narrow ribbon of fabric around one of the handles, then fasten a mistletoe and a larch branch with wire. With the package, we simply tucked the twigs under the ribbon. Chalk markers are suitable for labeling bags and packaging paper.

Make gift tags from wafers for Christmas

Punch the leftover wafers from the Christmas bakery and carefully label the tags or stick them with spices and seeds. Add small decorations with a brush and craft paint. 

Upcycling: Straw stars as gift decorations and tree decorations

Double function: Straw stars decorate the gifts first, and after unpacking, they can be hung on the tree.

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