10 Famous Dog breeds originating in England

English dog breeds make up over 80% of the canine varieties that exist today, that is, most of them originate from the United Kingdom. Despite that, they stand out for their range.

Do you want to adopt a dog, or are you just curious? Check out several of them with their photos and features below!

Old English Sheepdog

This breed is also called bobtail and is considered an indigenous English dog. It is a variety adapted to country life, where it was raised in ancient times to serve as a herd herder.

Do you like furry dogs? This breed is an excellent choice for you! The English Shepherd is square-bodied and robust, with an abundant and shaggy coat that appears in grey tones with white areas.

Border collie

It is among the medium English dog breeds and is another variety used for grazing. With a strong and athletic body, the Border Collie has semi-fallen ears, a lush fur tail and a short muzzle.

The coat is long or short, but dense and soft; It comes in a variety of combinations. It stands out for being an intelligent, active and docile dog.

Jack Russell terrier

Jack Russell was bred in England from 1800, to be used as a hunting dog. It is a small breed, but strong and very active; Before adopting one of these dogs, evaluate if you have the necessary time to meet their demands for physical exercise.

The coat is short and hard, white fur with black or reddish spots predominates. Shows a friendly and playful personality.

English bulldog

There are records of the bulldog’s existence since 1630 when it was used as a fighting dog. Today, it is among the favourite companion breeds.

The bulldog’s body is medium, short and stocky, with a flat muzzle and semi-drooping ears. Muscle and strength are appreciated. The coat is short, hard and smooth.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

One of the small English dog breeds is the welsh corgi. It features an elongated body with short legs, a leafy tail, raised ears and a short muzzle with a pleasant expression. His personality is active, ideal if you like to take walks.

The coat is short and hard, and it can be in a combination of black, brindle or reddish with white areas on the head, neck and legs.


The beagle is one of the English hunting dogs , as it was used as a hound. If you are looking for a spirited dog and ready for physical activity, it is a good option for you. Its body is athletic, with thin and strong legs, a thin tail, drooping ears and a square jaw.

The beagle is curious and intelligent, he loves to explore and be outdoors. Its coat is short and abundant, and it comes in a combination of three colours.

English bull terrier

You will distinguish the bull terrier by the peculiar shape of its head, similar to an egg. He was raised in England from 1850, but was not recognized by international canine clubs until almost a century later.

Another physical characteristic is its massive and muscular body, with well-defined legs and a thin tail. The bull terrier’s hair is shiny and very short, a little coarse; It appears in white, black and reddish, either pure or with areas in other shades.

English setter

Another breed of dog in the UK is the setter, an elegant and medium sized show dog. It is distinguished by an upright head, a square jaw and drooping ears. It is friendly and playful, a good breed if you have a family with children.

The setter’s coat is wavy at the ears and smooth on the rest of the body. The mantle appears in a combination of two colours: black and white, reddish and white, liver and white, or with three colours.


The Greyhound is the fastest English dog in the world, reaching 65 kilometres per hour. Its body is slim, with a wide rib cage, long legs and a small head.

His personality is friendly, and he enjoys exercising. The coat is short and very fine, it appears in a combination of red, black, grey, sand or brindle with white.

Golden retriever

The golden is one of the best known dogs in the world, popular for its sociable and loving personality. It is a large breed with strong legs, drooping ears and a square jaw. The kind expression on its face also distinguishes it.

The coat of this breed is a combination of smooth and wavy areas, always dense and bushy in a gold or cream tone, with some slight white hairs on the chest.

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