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Saturday July 11, 2020

Trump blames ANTIFA for protests and violence around the country

Antifa take to the streets in Washington, DC, July 6, 2019. Evelyn Hockstein/The Washington Post

Donald Trump says he will designate ANTIFA as a terrorist organization and blaming the group for all the protests and violence around the country following the case of George Floyd.

ANTIFA is an anti-racist group that has protested against racism cases in the past. Donald Trump says the group has a pure intension of breaking the economy of the United States, hurting people, disturbing businesses. Also, Trump blames the Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey for not being able to control the situation after George Floyd’s case in the areas and congratulated the National guards for doing a great job in Minnesota stopping violence caused by ANTIFA. William Barr, the Attorney General who is also blaming ANTIFA and other similar groups of organizations, told last Sunday that the FBI is working closely on identifying these groups and immediate action will be taken against them. Barr also mentioned the situation is out of control around the country as these groups have taken advantages from the true protestors. The 56 regional FBI Terrorism task force is designated to stop what he calls this Domestic Terrorism.

However, The American Civil Liberties Union says that Trump cannot label such groups as terrorists he can call them whatever he wants but does not have the power to designate as such. The Union also tweeted there is no legal authority for identifying such groups.

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