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Saturday July 11, 2020

Please, keep your mouth shut : Houston police chief to Trump

Upon Trump’s warning to the governors to dominate in their cities against the protestors, Houston Chief Police office Art Acevedo responded to Trump on a video conference with CNN. 
Acevedo was questioned is it the right thing for Police officers to dominate in a situation like this he clearly stated, “Let me just say this to the President on behalf of all my fellow officers around the country, please, if you don’t have something constructive to say, please keep your mouth shut because the lives of men and the women of early 20s are at risk. This is not about dominating it is about winning hearts and minds. We need leadership now more than ever and the basic guidance from a leader is not coming out of the president. As he is the current president it is time to be presidential, this is not Hollywood this are real lives at risk so I ask the citizen to join hands with the police, stand together, let’s shift this what it needs to be for the voting booth, continue to march peacefully and stand against bad policing. The only thing that can overcome hate is love, lets hug one another, let’s all of us control this with our own actions and hearts.

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