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Sunday July 12, 2020

Derek Chauvin faces new murder charge

Attorney General Keith Ellison, announced last Wednesday second degree murder charges for Derek Chauvin, the killer of George Floyd and also charges for the other three officers who were involved. He stated earlier Chauvin was charged for third degree murder but the evidence that they have received at the moment are sufficient for second degree murder charges and man slaughter. However, the initial charges were enough to arrest Chauvin for committing a murder.

The other three officers who were with Chauvin, J Alexander Kueng, Thomas K Lane and Tou Thao will all be facing charges for aiding a second-degree murder and man slaughter. They were all fired the following day of Floyd’s death and for aiding a murder they are all entitled for at least 40 years imprisonment. Currently they are being held at the Hannepin County jail.

Ellison mentioned that he will not go on about what led to the killing as his job is only to seek justice and not to make statements to the press. However, they will do the proper investigations on a solid case and start the trials. Ellison also stated even though first-degree murder charges were requested for Chauvin by Floyd’s family and others, the request has not been met since there is no proof the killing has been done by Chauvin intentionally. 

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