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Saturday August 08, 2020

6 Things You should do not to argue with your partner for money

When a couple decides that it is time to live as a couple, they have many plans and many schemes in common that they want to carry out, but the first thing they should evaluate is the way to carry the economy as a couple. It is compatible, and if not dealt properly, there may be a couple crisis for money and derived issues that should be managed.

How to prevent a couple crisis for money



The issue of money is certainly somewhat delicate, but a right approach to our income can avoid some short or long-term problems in the couple, it also allows us to achieve small or large projects, such as taking a trip with your partner, or just go out to dinner and indulge yourself. We bring you some tips to avoid a couple discussions for money so you can avoid it.


Set a budget



The first thing we must do is find out how much money is needed for the common expenses for couples that we have each month, and to calculate basic expenses such as food, electricity, water, telephone, and others. This allows us to set a budget, although some unforeseen events can always arise for which we must be prepared. Therefore, it is convenient to save a little month to month that allows us to avoid any setback. In addition, this is something that we must take into account to start living as a couple, because this will create a solid foundation between the two.


Have a family account



Having an account together with your partner will allow you to carry the expenses in common in a more orderly way, taking into account the budget that we made previously, each member of the couple must deposit the corresponding part monthly. This will undoubtedly help you to solve any couple crisis of these characteristics because it will help you keep in mind that these are fixed expenses and that the money should not be used for other purposes.


Do not speak in a personal way



This is one of the most common mistakes we make when living with our partner for the first time, because the moment we decide to get married or live together, we must bear in mind that things are no longer yours or mine, they are ours. We must learn that from the moment we decide to live together, everything is shared.


Do not accuse your partner



You should never accuse the partner of wasting or spending money, you can always talk and reach an agreement on the expenses and needs that each person has, without saying a resounding no, looking for alternatives that can cover each one of needs. The couple's arguments for money arise when the cats that the other person makes are not taken into account. In other words, as long as they fulfill their common obligations, everyone can invest their money in whatever they want.


Carrying the economy together



It is not convenient that a single part of the relationship is in charge of managing the home. You must work as a team and communicate each change you want to make to see if it adjusts to the planned expenses. Both must manage the money in common.


Discuss important expenses



All large or significant expenses should be discussed as a couple, a decision should never be made alone since this can bring certain inconveniences and have unnecessary discussions, although the money that goes out of the expenses in common, it is important to talk with our partner and listen to your opinion about it.

Lastly, we should not turn the issue of money into a war of powers, you can always reach an agreement that is satisfactory for both sides of the relationship and thus avoid a couple crisis due to economic issues that are actually totally unnecessary.

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