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Saturday August 08, 2020

Talk to your dog like a baby

The human being never ceases to amaze us, especially when studies like this are carried out, in which it can be affirmed that most of us speak to our dogs with the same tone as to a baby.

But, why do we talk to dogs like babies? Do they pay more attention to us like this? Or is it simply because we consider them as children?

You will be very surprised to learn how dogs react to this strange behavior, so common among people who share life with dogs.


Talk to a dog in a normal tone VS talk like a baby



Whether consciously or unconsciously, we generally tune our voices when we speak to our dog. Providing a much more childish, tender, and even human tone.

Numerous studies like the one carried out by national geographic reveal that dogs feel more comfortable with people who use a child's tone of voice, compared to people with a normal tone of voice.

They did an experiment with a large number of dogs and evaluated their behavior, concluding that dogs prefer a more childish, close, and familiar tone.


Why do dogs prefer to be spoken to like this?



Dogs cannot speak, but they do understand. This does not mean that they know how to understand everything we say to them; in reality, they only understand some common words such as "see," "feel," "eat," "no," etc.

They understand the words that we have taught them through practice in training exercises or the words that we use with and towards them on a daily basis.


However, there is something that they understand perfectly, and it is the tone of voice that we use with them. This is why when we use a fine, delicate, happy, and affectionate tone (as we would with a baby), they feel more comfortable.

Somehow, thanks to the sound of our voice and tone, they can capture our state of mind, so that they know that we call/speak to them affectionately without it posing any danger.


Is it wrong to talk to a dog like a child?



Not at all. What's more, it has been shown that talking with our dogs strengthens emotional ties and both, fostering a more familiar, cozy, and natural environment.

It is good to talk to them as babies, interact with them, but remember, it is not good to treat them as a baby, that is, do not humanize them.

Things to avoid:

  • Don't pick him up, pretending he's a baby.

  • Do not allow him to climb on the sofa or bed.

  • Don't treat him like a human, treat him like a dog.

And by this we do not mean anywhere that you should treat a dog badly; on the contrary, you have to treat them well. But not as humans, but as dogs. Dogs do not enjoy in our arms like a baby; they enjoy walking, playing with other dogs, chasing the ball, etc.

Next time, if someone gives you an uncanny look for communicating to your dog like a baby, just tell them that nature has your back.


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