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Saturday August 08, 2020

How to make your work place a happy and an interesting one

As we spend most of our time at the working place it is very important to stay happy and positive as it is beneficial for your life itself.

  • Identify what you would like to at the working place, do something creative? Caring for you customers? Making a colleague’s day better? Whatever that makes you happy go for it.
  • Identify what makes you unhappy, your duties? Colleagues? Customers? Or anything else? Speak to the management to see if any changes can be made rather than staying unhappy because if you do not try things will remain the same.
  • Be honest to yourself, ask yourself these questions, what type of an attitude you have? Are you friendly? Are you complaining a lot? Do you do your fare share?
  • When dealing with a bad customer or colleague what you should take into consideration, think how it will affect you if you react the same way they have to you. is it worth it? By changing a negative attitude in to a positive one you might be able to change the attitudes of the whole work place.
  • Are you bored with your work? This is one huge aspect that keeps you unhappy at work. If you are bored with your work try and look for new opportunities within your job, help a colleague who is stuck, this will help you be engaged in your work and also learn a lot of things.
  • Feel pride of your work, once you completed a task do you feel proud of yourself, you should this will help you go on. Complete you to do list before the end of the day this is a good place to start with.
  • Build a good relationship with your colleagues, you spend a lot of time with them so it is very important to be friendly. In this way when the work gets difficult you can rely on each other also the day will be fun.
  • If you decide to leave job don’t burn bridges. Keep a name that your co workers will talk only good about you as it may help your next job.

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