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Saturday August 08, 2020

Important facts you have missed out 

Do not use cotton buds to remove ear wax

By inserting cotton buds, you are only pushing the ear wax deeper towards the ear canal, this can injure the ear drum which will cause ear aches and even reduce your hearing. Ear wax are to protect your ear drum from foreign objects, insects and it evens keeps the ear canal lubricated so, it is actually beneficial not to clean them. However, if you have an unbearable pain its always best to see a doctor without trying to clean the ear by yourself.

Why you should not smoke

A cigarette contains, Butane (Lighter fluid), Nicotine (Insects killer), Stearic acid (Candle wax), Arsenic (a Poison), Toluol (An industrial solvent), NH3 (Toilet cleaner), Paint, Carbon Monoxide (Produced by burning), Cadmium (Batteries), Hexamin (another lighter fluid), Methonol (Rocket Fuel). A great combination of disaster for your health, think before you smoke.

  1. What will happen if you don’t sleep for one week

Day 1 – You will feel a light fatigue

Day 2 – You will feel more tired and find memory problems

Day 3 – Slurred speech and impaired coordination

Day 4 – A slight depression

Day 5 – Aggression

Day 6 – You will have hallucinations and rambling

Day 7 – You will feel like a Zombie

What does Coffee do to your body

In the first 10 minutes, the caffeine helps you increase your blood pressure, after 20 minutes your concentration improves and you will feel less tired, after 30 minutes your vision improves due to adrenaline rush, after 40 minutes your muscle strength increases, after 6 hours you will need to go to the toilet as your vitamins are flushed out and you loose your sense of balance.

Never do this with your dog

Do not hug it buy its neck as it feels threatened. 

Do not use strong perfumes near your dog as it can sense smell 10 times stronger than us which can irritate them. 

Do not hit it on the nose as the nose is the most sensitive part of its body, slapping the nose can lose their sense of smell. 

Do not take food away from it you will lose the trust that it has on you and it will try not to obey you. 

Do not cut its tail the tail works like a hand also a part of its spine they use the tail for ways of communication and also to balance themselves.

Do not walk them on short routes

Do not leave it alone for a long period of time as it is very stressful for the dogs. Keeping another pet can help this situation.

Bad habits which are actually good

Listening to loud music – Loud music can help the brain to release hormones to calm yourself down and make you happy.

Pen Fidgeting – This can increase your creativity and also burn calories. Works as a stress relief as well.

Snoozing the alarm – sleep can help you live longer and reduce stress

Respecting your cravings for food – This increases your happiness and reduces your cravings

Controlling your temper – Reduces stress and the risk of having heart attacks

Sun Bathing – Decreasing vitamin D efficiency and reduces blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attacks.

The correct way to drink water 

You have been doing it wrong all these days if you were drinking water standing. By sitting and drinking water, your organs retain water for a long period of time. The body absorbs water better in a seated position, also the water should be drunk in small gulps rather than all at once. 

Do not say sorry but thank you

Instead of saying sorry say thank you. For an example, if you are late for work you can say thank you for patience instead of apologizing for the delay. This attitude will change your life.


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