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Saturday August 08, 2020

Do you believe in ghosts? These film crews do…

Is Paranormal real? The horror movie creators do a great job when they deliver a movie for us to feel the terror, the unreal, the paranormal. What we didn’t know was, even they themselves have faced, felt the paranormal during the filming of the below bone chilling horror movies.

1.The Conjuring (2013)
 The real parents of the family came to visit the location and the film set, strange things started happening, the crew felt a huge breeze but the surrounding tall trees stood still. The mother parent who wasn’t even on the set felt a presence and was fainted before she was rushed to the hospital.

2.The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)
Jennifer Carpenter, the actor who played Emily Rose did an awesome job doing the role but she never expected a weird presence in her hotel room and the alarm clock to go crazy and play Perl Jam’s ‘alive’ from time to time, specifically the lyric ‘I’m still alive’. The radio stations do play the songs over and over but this was too strange to believe, she said in an interview.

3.A Haunted Studio (2014)
In this movie you find a movie crew member being killed by a ghost. Back in 1800s five people were killed in this same building the movie was shot in. The film crew too have felt a strong presence and the lead actor Billy Zane even heard his name being screamed and flashing lights.

4.The Possession (2012)
The Actor Jefferey Dean Morgan went from sceptic to believer. He wanted to practice himself for the movie even though he was not a believer in ghosts, he finally became one when he saw lights exploding for no reason and has felt ice cold breezes during the scenes. And as soon as the production ended, the movie set caught fire destroying all the props including the wooden box they used in the movie to be supposedly haunted. The fire fighters were not able to find the cause of the fire.

5.Annabelle (2014)
Just as the crew started to film a scene the directors John Lee and Eddie noticed three markings on a dusty window just like the demon’s fingers on the film. Also, a light fixture fell on the actor who played the janitor in the exact spot where the demon kills the janitor in the movie.

6.The Amityville Horror (2005)
From the start of production, many crew members start waking up at 3.15 AM just like the leading actor Ryan Renold’s character in the movie. The strangest thing is the actual woman who lived in the Amityville died during production and her husband died of a heart attack after trying to sue the production team.

7.The Omen (2006)
The director John Moore claimed he lost two days’ worth of footage attacked by ghosts, it even left an error message ‘666’ in the cameras. Many crew members have also died shortly after the production was released. One met with an accident and died on spot where the speed meter showed 66.6 kilo meters.

8.Poltergeist (1982 & 1988)
The Actress Dominique Dunn was strangled to death by her boyfriend in the same year the movie was released. In 1988 before the third installment was released the young actress Heather died of septic shock the blame went for the props used, the skeletons etc. 

9.The Haunted Dress (1999)
The Actress Halle Berry who plays the role of Dorothy Dandrige brought a dress once owned by the real-life diva Dorothy Dandridge, she said the dress fitted her perfectly as it was tailor made for her and she even heard water boiling, seen a dolls dress floats in front of Dandrige’s.

10.Behind the Candelabra (2013)
Actor Michael Douglas says he felt someone’s touch in his shoulders to see nobody was around. 

11.The Innkeepers (2011)
While filming the crew members have had terrifying dreams and have seen the doors opening and closing by themselves.

12.The Exorcist (1973)
The directors had to bless the sets by a priest many times but the house it was filmed still ended up in fire. The only room survived for the possessed girl’s. The movie itself has given many nightmares for the crew members. 

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