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Saturday July 11, 2020

Conspiracy theorist warns mayan calendar was wrong and world will end next week on June 21

According to the Mayans Calendar, the Doomsday is due next Sunday, 21st June 2020. The belief by the theorists were there back then in 2012 but they believe the readings were incorrect and according to the correct reading it is due next week.

Mayan and Julian Calendars were used long before Gregorian Calendar system was introduced in 1582. The Gregorian calendar calculate the days by the time the earth takes to orbit the sun, where as according to the Julian Calendar It is believed that 11 days of the year are lost if you calculation is done this way. So, the final calculation adds up to end us in 2012 this year not 2020. However according to NASA a similar theory of planet called ‘Niburu’ was supposed to head towards the earth back in May 2003, when nothing happened the doomsday theory was moved to 21st December 2012, but according to science there is no considerable evidence to believe that any of these are true.

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