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Saturday July 11, 2020

Medeleine McCann is dead – German prosecutors confirm to the parents

The German prosecutors have confirmed to the parents the death of Medeleine McCann, the three years old British girl who went missing in 2007 near Algarve Resort in Portugal. The parents Gerry and Kate McCann have not yet responded to the letter. The prosecutors have not revealed any further information to the UK Police as it will interrupt Hans Christian Wolters to carry out the investigation any further. However, they say they have concrete evidence that the girl is dead.

Wolter further confirms the case is not a missing case but a murder case. The Suspect Christian Brueckner, a sex offender who has as many as 17 different cases, is currently prisoned in northern Germany. Brueckner has been living in a farm house near Algarve Resort where the girl and the parents were staying at the time went missing.

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