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Saturday August 08, 2020

50 happy and interesting facts

  1. Baby elephants suck their trunks just like the babies suck their thumbs.
  2. The center of the Galaxy supposedly smells like raspberries and tastes like rum.
  3. Rats giggle when they are being tickled.
  4. Charlie Chaplin once became third in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest.
  5. Nose prints are unique for dogs just like finger prints for humans.
  6. The national animal of Scotland is Unicorn.
  7. Squirrels forget where they hide their nuts, this helps hundreds of trees to grow every year.
  8. There is red wine fountain in Italy. It is 24 hours for everyone.
  9. The actors who voiced Micky and Minnie mouse got married in real life.
  10. There is a Cat Café in Korea where you can relax, have a drink and spend time with cats.
  11. The probability of one being born is 1 in 400 trillion.
  12. The way of communication for worms are snuggling.
  13. Jim Cummings, the voice of Winnie the Pooh calls sick children in hospitals with Pooh’s voice just to cheer them up.
  14. Some universities in United Kingdom have pet rooms in order for students to release stress.
  15. Turtles can breathe through their butts.
  16. Bhutan measures the countries prosperity by the citizens levels of happiness.
  17. A teenager from UK legally changed his name for “Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine and the Flash combined”.
  18. Otters hold hands while sleeping, this is true love as it helps not to drift away from each other.
  19. The Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter books is an actual train in Scotland.
  20. There is chimpanzee named Kanzi who can light a fire and cook.
  21. There are Diamond rains in Neptune and Uranus.
  22. The facebook ‘like’ option was originally ‘awesome’.
  23. Tow of hospital window cleaners once dressed as Spiderman and Captain America to cheer the patients.
  24. Baby Rabbits are called kittens.
  25. When hugging the hormone called Oxytocin increases and makes you happier.
  26. Gene Cernan is an Apollo 17 astronaut. He wrote his daughters initials on the moon.
  27. A couple invited Queen Elizabeth for their wedding as a joke. She showed up.
  28. Squirrels adopt abandoned baby Squirrels.
  29. When you blow bubbles in cold winter they turn into beautiful ice bubbles.
  30. Recent studies reveal that Altruism is in the human nature.
  31. Penguins place a perfect pebble at the feet of their loved ones as a proposal.
  32. It is possible to walk on water on the moon.
  33. A monkey was once taken into courts and was later convicted for smoking a cigarette.
  34. Sylvester Stallone was homeless and completely broke he sold his dog for 50 dollars. After a week he sold his script of the hit movie “Rocky” and bought his dog back for 3000 dollars.
  35. The Original meaning of Photography is writing with light.
  36. Netherland sends 20,000 tulips to Canada each year as a thanks giving for their help during world war II.
  37. You can see underwater see life with Google maps.
  38. Samsung originally sold Noodles before switching to electronics.
  39. Swans have only one partner for their whole life. If one dies the other could die too of a heart break.
  40. There is an official Rock, Paper, Scissors competition in USA.
  41. Cows have best friends.
  42. One day in April 1930, BBC announced that there is no news and they played Piano music all day.
  43. A group of bunnies are called “Fluffle”.
  44. There is a Volcano in Indonesia with blue lava.
  45. Male puppies often let female puppies win when they play.
  46. There is an island of bunnies in Japan.
  47. There is a village of Foxes in Japan.
  48. Norway knighted a Penguin.
  49. We are all made out of star dust.
  50. Dolphins have names for each other.

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