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Saturday August 08, 2020

13 Strange Coincidences That Are Hard To Believe!

1 What Are The Chances?

"20 years ago I went to an air show with my Grandpa and Uncle. One of the aircraft I sat in was the OH58 Kiowa. This was the day that I decided that I wanted to be a pilot. Today while looking through some old photos I found the picture below of me sitting in the Kiowa.


2 My Friend Just Got This Once In A Lifetime Picture


3 Dog Gave Birth To Three Puppies, Each With Their Own Corresponding Number On Their Back


4 This What It Is When Someone Says Close Call


5 The Mountains And Trees Lined Up Perfectly On This Camper On The Highway


6 Hometown Zip Code, T-Shirt, Race Number, Finishing Time - All 33607


7 A Dragon Fly Landed On My Friends Foot And Mirrored Its Own Tattoo


8 Right Place, Right Time


9 Fire Breather Looks Like He's Kissing A Fire Dragon


10 So My Dad, A Fisherman At Lake "attersee", Austria, Just Fished Up His Old, Lost Wallet In One Of His Fishnets, After He Had Dropped It Into The Lake 20 Years Ago


11 Brother Spent A Year Trying To Get A Lightning Photo. He Caught This Last Night, I Just Noticed The Boat In The Bottom Left


12 In Very Rare Circumstances It Is Possible To See A Full 360 Degree Rainbow From An Airplane


13.  This Bird Landed On The Page About Itself

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