6 tips to enjoy long holidays and travel with your love

Want to travel with your love, but your holidays never coincide? The tip is to take advantage of the long holidays to enjoy days of pure romance! By organizing and planning ahead, you can have an incredible experience for two.

In today’s article, we are going to give you some tips for you to escape the high prices and get to enjoy an unforgettable holiday with your partner. Follow!

Choose the destination that suits you best

First of all, choose the date and, from there, choose the ideal destination, one that is not only fun, but that suits you and your love. Mountain, coast, historical city, or waterfall?

Do you like the beach, peace, and the right dose of adventure? Perhaps Thailand is a good choice, combining both a beautiful coastline and diverse activities, culture, and cuisine that are second to none.

Plan your trip

The second step to travel without worries is to make a detailed plan, with information such as the day of tickets, accommodation, transfer costs, and even the romantic activities that will be done when you arrive.

It is also important to prepare a checklist of everything that needs to be taken and what needs to be done for the trip to run smoothly, such as booking the hotel and tours in advance, purchasing tickets, etc.

Compare prices

No stress after the trip: so that everything runs smoothly, compare accommodation and ticket prices a lot, looking at all aspects that can influence the final value.

For example, a beachfront hotel may seem like a bigger investment at first, but transportation costs will be reduced, as will the cost of renting chairs and towels. At the tip of the pencil, this comfort pays for itself.

Organize yourself financially

Still, to prevent a post-trip headache, it is essential to do some financial planning months in advance, getting the money needed for your romantic holiday without forming debt.

You can use apps that help you build financial goals and track compliance, or even use spreadsheets for that purpose. Start by finding out where your money goes and see what you can save on, always keeping in mind the ultimate goal of a holiday full of love and fun.

Use your credit card miles and points

Credit card points and miles are a great way to save on tickets and travel on holidays without spending a lot of money.

Find out if you are already enrolled in any of these frequent flyer programs: sometimes that work trip that you don’t even remember can yield a good discount on your romantic holiday.

Book your hotel in advance

As we have already started to address in the third tip, the hotel’s choice must be made carefully and to fully meet the needs of the couple. Once the choice has been made, don’t leave it until the last minute: book as soon as possible to get the best prices and that room overlooking the beach – which will be the setting for many romantic moments.


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