Pack your suitcase cleverly to prepare for your vacation

Before you go on your well-deserved vacation, you have to pack your suitcase, which is not easy. After all, you want to take everything you need for your wonderful vacation with you.

Nothing should be forgotten so that you can spend the time pleasantly and carefree as possible. The precious days shouldn’t be spent having to buy some forgotten things at the holiday destination or do without things loved at home.

Clever tips for packing your suitcase and preparing for your vacation.

Everything should be included for the relaxed holiday season.

With a little system and our housewife tips, packing your suitcase will go smoothly, as explained below. The best thing to do is to make a detailed list, which in turn includes everything that should be in the suitcase and what belongs in the bag that you always have with you. Work through the baggage list carefully and finally think about what else you should take with you.

The appropriate outerwear

First, take out the clothes that you want to wear at the holiday destination. These include:

  • The outfit that is common in the country,
  • Warmer clothes in case it gets colder,
  • Very easy things when it should get hot and
  • Rain clothes.

Put everything together neatly and stack them next to each other on the bed so that you can see what could be missing. Next, the shoes are combined to match the selected clothing, with at least one pair of comfortable treads intended for longer hikes and the dirty weather.

First, put the shoes down in the suitcase, then the stacks of shirts and shirts. In between, there is space for the laundry with which you can fill in the gaps. Pants and skirts are finally laid flat on top.

To stay overnight and feel good.

Pack the appropriate nightwear, whereby a pair of socks and a warmer top cannot harm in colder nights. You will also need slippers or sandals to avoid having to go barefoot in the room. If you plan a beach holiday or a stay at the pool, you can also use the flip-flops provided as slippers. You may take an alarm clock with you, but you can also have your mobile phone wake you up if necessary, and most hotels offer a wake-up service.

The cosmetics

After getting up, you need your wash bag, which you have carefully packed with:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • Hairbrush and comb,
  • Razors,
  • Soap, shower gel, and shampoo,
  • Laundry protection,
  • Care cream,
  • Deodorant and perfume.

Many cosmetic articles are already available in upscale hotels, but it is often better to have your products with you.

If you travel frequently, you will always have this basic equipment ready in your bag not to have to think twice before packing your suitcase. Then all you have to do is check whether all the products are insufficient quantities and in good condition.

It is also essential to have sun protection, which may be needed both when sunbathing and in the snow. It would be best if you had the mosquito repellent in countries with a lot of warm humidity.

What else is important?

If you take medication regularly, you will certainly not forget it. But there is also medicine that you should always take with you just in case. These include, for example

  • Motion sickness tablets,
  • Remedies for diarrhea and constipation,
  • Painkillers and
  • Stomach-calming medicines.

Also not to be forgotten are the cables and charging cables for the electric shaver, consumer electronics, cell phone, etc.

Isn’t your suitcase too heavy?

Do you know how expensive it can get if your luggage is heavier than the airline allows? Check your travel documents to see how many kilograms you are allowed to take with you per person. If you know that you always prefer to pack a little more, get yourself a luggage scale. They are available in a handy form for hanging up luggage. Or you stand on your bathroom scales once with and once without the packed suitcase and thus determine the difference. This can save you the hassle and expense of checking in at the airport.

It doesn’t belong in the suitcase. It has to be in your pocket.

There are some things that you should never put in your suitcase. This includes travel documents such as flight tickets and accommodation vouchers and ID cards and passports, credit cards, and driver’s license. It is also better if you do not put the vacation money in your suitcase. If you are traveling as a couple, you should split the money between you so that if one part is lost, at least the other is still available.

Remember that packing your suitcase is the hardest at home before you travel because you have to choose carefully and think of everything. Neither when unpacking and packing again in the hotel nor from the trip back is it that difficult. Save the prepared list for your next vacation so that you don’t have to think all over again about what you need for your relaxing vacation.

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