The 6 cities with the most beautiful Christmas decorations

Christmas is getting closer, and in the living rooms, people are already decorating what the tinsel has to offer. The metropolises also always dress up in a special way during Advent. We have put together the cities for Christmas with the most beautiful, elaborate, and sometimes kitsch Christmas decorations!

Let yourself shine in the Christmas mood.

Cities at Christmas – New York

Of course, New York belongs on this list like Last Christmas on your Christmas song playlist. The huge Christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller Center has been world famous since “Kevin Alone in New York,” and it’s just great to skate there!

We were also won over by these oversized Christmas tree balls and fairy lights as Christmas decorations in New York.

New York is also perfect for a shopping trip during Advent to buy Christmas gifts for loved ones!

Cities at Christmas – London

Everything in the center of London sparkles and sparkles. And even if there is not necessarily a snow guarantee here, you are guaranteed to get in a festive mood when you see the elaborate Christmas decorations in the English capital streets!

Check out the huge Christmas tree in front of the London Eye in Hyde Park. A dream, right?

Cities at Christmas – Tokyo

Even if Christmas is a Christian festival, it is celebrated in Japan – here one simply concentrates more on the aspect than “festival of love,” and of course it is also about the many gifts!

Winter decoration in Shinjuku District. A lot of light, right?

Tokyo is particularly colorful at Christmas time.

Let’s say – colorful! And that really means something in one of the capitals of the neon sign!

Cities at Christmas – Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is also festively decorated at Christmas time. This Christmas tree with water fountain spectacle has done us very much.

Getting into the Christmas mood with summer temperatures of over 30 ° C certainly takes some getting used to for us Europeans. And caipirinha instead of mulled wine? Why not? The many Santa Clauses and Santa Clauses all over town ensure that you don’t forget what time of year it is!

Cities at Christmas – Paris

In the Parisian department store Galerie Lafayette, which is always lavishly staged, the Christmas decorations are particularly important. And otherwise, Paris is beautiful to look at in winter during Advent. The city of love and the festival of love go together perfectly. Spend a long weekend in Paris during the Christmas season and let yourself be enchanted!

Cities at Christmas – Berlin

Berlin should, of course, not be missing from this list. Because the German capital also has a lot to offer during the Christmas season.

In addition to the many Christmas markets, there are also original Christmas decorations to see in the city. And if you are lucky, a thick blanket of snow covers Berlin, which muffles the big city’s noises a little. Then the mulled wine tastes even better at the Christmas market!

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